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Cobwebs with traditional IR Cameras

Older CCTV systems that use Infrared technology like the image on the left are subject to external interference by the weather and spiders, cobwebs and heavy rain are a well known limitation for traditional IR systems.

We use and install the best 4K 24/7 colorview technology, which overcome the Infrared limitations of conventional CCTV cameras as they are colour 24 hours a day.

Colorview 24/7 4K CCTV

We use State of the art IP HD and 4K CCTV systems with AI motion detection and false alarm filtering. Get the push notifications you really need.

Where to use AcuSense

Our customers use AcuSense-enabled products for a wide range of residential and business applications. Hikvision customers are currently using AcuSense technology to protect indoor and outdoor areas at:
  • Homes
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Shops
  • Parking areas
  • And more
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