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We offer two different types of access systems, fully integrated or standalone, for an overview of fully integrated solutions please look at the video below.

We also supply standalone solutions for just one door from Paxton.

Standalone access control is the simplest way to secure and control access through doors around a building. If you’re looking to step up security, protect your staff and assets and save money, then standalone access control is for you. Standalone access control is usually one or two small units wired directly onto a door panel to control access to the door.

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The Unifi eco system is a powerful all in one hub allowing full integration of Network management with Access control and CCTV image recording.

Although this system is designed for business it can easily be scaled for residential providing many security features seamlessly blending in to your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

UniFi Access supports third-party key fobs that support the 13.56Mhz NFC standard.

Yes, the UA Hub can operate offline without UniFi Access since it is powered with either a UniFi PoE++ Switch, PoE adapter, or even a Universal Power Supply (UPS).

Plus, you can manually configure locks to be fail-safe or fail-secure, so they can be locked or unlocked during a power outage.

  • A UniFi OS Console, such as a Dream Machine Pro or Cloud Key Gen2 Plus, running the Access application.
  • A PoE switch to connect your Access device(s). We recommend a UniFi PoE++ switch.
  • A UA Hub
  • A UA Pro or UA Lite reader to control door access in one direction. Two readers are required to control two-way access.
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