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Home Security System -Your all-in-one security platform for home security system. Suitable for residential and commercial installations.

Our wireless home security systems expands and enhances system application capabilities further than ever before, with a range of new and innovative features that practically covers any installation requirements.

The most advanced home security system released to date delivers real added value with every installation; security, video and automation that can be tailored, controlled, scheduled and delivered for any user preferences. This system is all you need.


Complete control from anywhere in the world

Set and unset the system, get system status and receive custom push and voice notifications from any event.


HomeControlHUB and AndroidTablet compatible

Control the Enforcer V11 security system with the all new AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB app for Android, giving unparalleled control over security, video and automation.


Multiple communications


With Wi-Fi communications on board as standard, our home security systems delivers app compatibility straight out of the box, with fast and efficient connectivity to the user’s existing router.

Additional communication paths can then be added for simultaneous messaging to both the app and an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via separate paths; maximising coverage for maximum peace of mind.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The answer to that question is not a simple one, it really depends on the amount of detectors installed and the complexity of your new system, we will usually be able to complete most installations in 5 hours.

    Our systems are installed with WiFi communication devices, depending on the security requirement they will also have cellular connection either as a primary or secondary backup connection, if one path fails and the alarm is activated you will be notified by the App on your smart phone, systems also have the option to be connected to a central monitoring station depending on the customers requirements. 

    As will all equipment your security system is no different, the system will be covered by an annual maintenance contract which will cover you for any faults or failures. We will visit your property once a year to carry our preventative maintenance and to ensure your system is working as it should.

    The batteries in your detection devices will also be replaced every year, they have a lifespan of approximatly 2 years.

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    What are the intruder alarm system grades?

    One of the most critical aspects of the EN 50131 requirements is the concept of security grades. In the EN the grade is described in terms of the type of intruder and how much effort they would put into a burglary. For each installation, the grade of the system is selected according to various factors.

    There are four intruder alarm grades, which include,

    • Grade 1 Intruder Alarms – Premises unlikely to be targeted by intruders and unlikely to target the premises.
    • Grade 2 Intruder Alarms – Premises of a higher risk of an intruder or theft due to valuables kept theft on site.
    • Grade 3 Intruder Alarms – Premises at substantial risk from intruders due to high-value contents.
    • Grade 4 Intruder Alarms – Premises has a very high risk of being targeted by organised criminals.

    Grade 1 Intruder Alarms – for an installation with a low risk of theft. The property is not likely to attract intruders. It is assumed that a thief is likely to be opportunistic rather than bothering to plan things.

    Grade 2 Intruder Alarms – for slightly higher risk of theft. The property is likely to have something of interest to an experienced thief. In this case, the intruder is expected to have some knowledge of how alarm systems work and possibly carry tools to overcome a simple alarm system. The thief is likely to check the building for ease of access through doors, windows and other openings.

    Grade 3 Intruder Alarms – for a reasonably substantial risk property. There is good reason to assume it may be broken into and might well contain objects of high value. An intruder is likely to gain access by penetrating doors, windows or other openings. The thief could be very experienced with intruder alarm systems and possess many tools and equipment to overcome the system.

    Grade 4 Intruder Alarms – for very high-risk properties. Intruders could be expected to plan a burglary and have the knowledge and equipment to alter parts of the intruder alarm system to prevent detection. It is assumed that the intruder could gain access by penetration of floors, walls and ceilings. The intruder is unlikely to be working alone.

    The EN standard says that it is not necessary to use the same grade of component throughout an intruder system.